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  • Reservations


As of Monday June 1st we can finally reopen our doors and welcome our beloved guests at Café Forum! Off course we will obtain all rules and regulations which have been given to us by the Dutch government. All the assure your and our health and well being.

Most important: starting of this Monday (June 1st) you have to book a table at Café Forum to sit INSIDE our bar! You can NOT book a table at our terrace. Next to that you have to be seated by one of our employees, as we have to make sure all tables, chairs etc are properly desinfected.

How does this work exactly? You can book a table on arriving, as long as there are tables left. The maximum capacity as decided by the Dutch government is 30 people. Our hosts will welcome you, bring you to table and explain to you how everthing works. 

Next to that we have to interview all our guests before you are allowed to have a seat at Forum or outside on our terrace. It's a short health check to ensure the well being of our guests and staff (see the posters belowe under 'Health Check'). Thanks for understanding.